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Oil companies in South America and the Caribbean: Guyana, Venezuela, and Suriname

The oil industry in Northern South America plays a crucial role in the regional economy, with countries like Guyana and Suriname emerging as significant players due to substantial oil discoveries. Companies such as ExxonMobil, SBM Offshore, Hess, and Petronas are active in this region, developing major oil fields that contribute to global oil production. These companies invest heavily in infrastructure, technology, and sustainable practices to ensure efficiency and safety. Their presence stimulates local economies, creates jobs, and supports overall regional development.

Logistics and transport

Oil exploration and production in Northern South America require advanced logistics and transport solutions. Europe Caribbean Line provides specialized services to meet the needs of this sector, focusing on reliability, safety, and efficiency. Our experience in the maritime transport industry makes us the ideal partner for oil companies operating in this dynamic region. Discover how we can simplify your logistics challenges and contribute to your success in Northern South America.

Worldwide shipping and the offshore oil industry: A South American perspective

Hess Guyana: Your bridge to energy provision

In the realm of energy supply, Hess Guyana occupies a leading position with its significant role in the oil industry. This article highlights Hess's efforts in oil extraction, with a particular focus on activities in South America, and how these efforts resonate within the maritime and transport sector.

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South Caribbean Service

Every month, we sail from Europe to the southern Caribbean and the north coast of South America and back with two modern multi-purpose vessels that can carry various cargos.

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